Sea Turtle Hatchery

The island of Sri Lanka has the pleasure of seeing the gentle creatures of the sea that we call turtles visit the shores of golden sand with the waves that wash over. A team of locals has come together to encourage care for these beautiful beings of the great blue. Situated just 7 km away, visit the Turtle Hatchery where injured turtles are nursed back to good health and released into their natural habitat. You have the opportunity of getting up close to several different types of turtles of all ages and sizes, and gain informative insight into the lives of these endangered species. The most exciting part is releasing the baby turtles at twilight into the wild sea where they will begin their aquatic journey. If you are a turtle lover, you just might want to add this turtle hatchery to your itinerary. Experience an encounter with turtles at a turtle hatchery in Sri Lanka, definitely an experience worth your time!

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