Visit Hikkaduwa, a popular southern seaside resort town located just 20 mins away from Balapitiya. Hikkaduwa started from a tiny fishing village to become one of Sri Lanka’s most popular beach destinations! If you adore the beach as much as the locals do, you are in for an unforgettable experience! Begin your discovery at the Seenigama Viharaya for a taste of Sri Lankan culture. Next, make your way to the main attraction, the beach! Be it the surfers, divers or sun-seekers, Hikkaduwa offers nothing but the best, being one of the best surf spots in Sri Lanka. The most environmentally friendly way to explore the clear waters and the colourful species of fish of Hikkaduwa is through snorkelling or diving, which are both major past-times! Once you’ve had your fun, take an evening stroll along the pristine shores of soft golden sands. Soak in the scene of the romantic sunset where the waters reflect the shades of pink and orange in the sky. If you just don’t want your day to end, you’re in luck – Hikkaduwa is famous for its vibrant nightlife, after-hour events, and parties at the beach. For those looking for a bit of a calmer way to end the day, pick one of the many chilled out dining spots and restaurants around Hikkaduwa to treat your taste buds.

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