At Bay Villas, the vision we embody is that of a quiet and an unpressured style of life, which is solely a Sri Lankan concept of elegance and ease. Refined yet charmingly indulgent, our warm thoughtfulness allows for natural and immersive experiences through our unique interpretation of true island comfort.

Nestled in one of the most captivating seaside destinations on the Southern Coast of this paradise isle, the philosophy that underlies Bay Villas is to offer discerning global travellers a welcoming space of their own where the best of warm Lankan hospitality awaits.

Luxurious yet not overbearing, your holiday experience will feed your appetite for plush living yet allow your soul to breathe. As a part of the esteemed Lanka Villas, we dedicate ourselves to bringing the best of local accommodation and hospitality to make your very own during your stay with us!


Bay Villas is a sum of stylish spaces that reflect the vibrant charm of Sri Lankan hospitality in every nook and cranny along with effortless modernism.

Our Team

Devote your time in paradise to make memories – because we devote ourselves to taking care of you and yours.