Moonstone Mine

No matter where in the world you pick up a blue moonstone from, the chances that this stunning stone comes from a tiny village in Sri Lanka are high. A short 3 km drive away from Balapitiya lies one of the most unusual attractions in the south. Make your way through Kahawa towards Mitiyagoda and follow the route till you come across the sign that indicates the entrance to the famed Moonstone Mine. Walk down a path shaded with trees and find yourself at the work site! The entrance is free for all. You might even spot that shiny polished stone that stands out too! The term ‘moonstone’ was devised by the ancient Greeks to describe a gemstone that seemed to carry the exquisite light of the moon within it. The ten mines situated in Mitiyagoda are the primary source for most of the world’s blue moonstones. Tempted to buy? Bargain for the best rate and it’s all yours.

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