Maadu Ganga Boat Safari

For those with the knack for adventure, the Madu Ganga Boat Safari awaits your arrival! A walking distance from Bay Villas, this river is situated along Sri Lanka’s southern coast, boasting very high bio-diversity. Settle into a motorboat with a guide and set out on your excursion to explore this enchanting mangrove, home to a number of different animal species such as tweeting birds and mysterious reptiles who may pop up here and there. Sounds like a nature lovers haven doesn’t it? Visit an island or two and get a glimpse of the wondrous eco-system thriving here, a true treasure trove. Embarking on this journey will give you the rare opportunity of witnessing the beauty of raw Sri Lankan nature in all its glory, first hand. Take a small break at the fish spa just around the corner and feel refreshed in the tranquillity of the moment.

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