Bawa Properties- Bentota

One of the most influential architects of his generation, Geoffrey Bawa, was a Sri Lankan, globally known as an architect who embraced the term ‘tropical modernism’ in all his structures, He designed the famous Lunuganga, which was his country-house back in the day. Lunuganga is the picture-perfect representation of his legacy as an architect. Built in 1947, the garden estate was his first muse. He used this retreat as an experimental laboratory to generate new ideas and kept changing its structure when he felt like until he passed in 2003. The estate garden is now open to the public and the buildings on the estate itself are run as a country-house hotel, just a mere 30 mins away from Balapitiya.

Geoffrey Bawa’s brother, Bevis Bawa, was also a famous architect who created the renown Brief Gardens in Beruwala. A 30-minute drive from Balapitiya, this architectural wonder has also truly stood against time. Upon entering Brief, one cannot help but admire the striking beauty of Bevis Bawa’s former home and breath-taking gardens.
Both properties are flourishing artworks that carry interesting history. The Bawa brothers were seriously passionate about creating beautiful things, clearly evident through their properties. Pay a visit to both these gracefully intricate gardens for an awe-inspiring experience

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