Adisham Monastery

Situated west of tranquil Haputale, the construction of this magnificent building was completed in the year 1931. Tea planter Sir Thomas Lester Villiers, to whom this Benedictine monastery once belonged to, designed an English country-cottage garden around the structure, in order to emulate his British lifestyle. The bungalow was designed as per the Tudor style and looks nothing less than an Elizabethan country mansion. A luxurious creation, the floors, doors, windows, and staircase are made of Burma teak – still as charming as it has always been.
Since 1961, Benedictine monks have maintained the bungalow as a monastery, still in a pristine condition. To those interested, visitors are allowed to view the library and living room. The Adisham Monastery is one of the 18 monasteries that belong to the Sylvestrine Congregation, in the world. Drop by at the small shop that sells produce from the gardens and orchards of the Monastery.

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